The Benefits of Being a Blackjack Supreme

You would not believe the number of Blackjack players that are gambling at various online casinos, and in various states of the US, and for varying amounts of time. The average player, who’s playing blackjack, is likely a low-roller. You would not be surprised if you read that a typical player is playing for less than $50 a day. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, because you have to play to win. The truth is that in order to win at the game of blackjack, you have to bet big.

But what is it that makes a blackjack player bet big? Is it the thrill of the game, or is it the excitement of making a big bet, and knowing that the house edge is only 1%?

For the most part, it is the thrill of the game, and the excitement of making a big bet. However, there is one more reason that a blackjack supreme player can bet big, and that is by playing with the Blackjack Supreme software.

Now, the Blackjack Supreme software, does not make a huge difference in the game of blackjack. It is not going to make you a better player. But what the Blackjack Supreme software does is it gives you more of an edge over the casino, than the casino gives you an edge over you.

How to Win at Blackjack Every Time

It gives you a better advantage.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose that you are playing at a casino, and you are playing blackjack, and the casino has a house edge of 2%. So you are getting the exact same amount of profit for winning that the casino is getting for losing.

Let’s suppose that the casino has a software program that gives you an advantage over the casino of 1.2%. So what does that mean? It means that you are getting an extra.8% profit over and above the casino. That is your advantage.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get to play with a blackjack Supreme software. But what you can do is to be playing with a blackjack software that gives you a better advantage over the casino than the casino gives you an advantage over you.